Louis Vuitton: 
Mid-Year Video

A mid-year retail video celebrating Louis Vuitton’s many successful initiatives and events, and highlighting the regional achievements and objectives for the remainder of the year.

FENDI green screen exampleLVA green screen example final

Executives at Louis Vuitton Americas wanted to film a video highlighting the company’s many achievements during the year’s first two quarters. They wanted a dynamic video with photos, pre-existing video clips, and animations. They also wanted to film each regional executive addressing the entire company in one video. This posed a challenge because the executives were based in different territories across North and South America, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

The retail c-suite was slated to meet in New York for a team meeting. We joined them at LVA’s corporate offices and filmed each executive in front of a portable green screen assembled inside the main conference room. This way, everyone could represent their home team in the video without leaving the site to shoot. A portable teleprompter kept each presenter comfortable with their lines, and we were even able to film B-roll “bloopers” to share at the annual sales meeting.